AcceCentric Small Business Bundle

Your Total $240.00 USD

$240 USD
per month

  • Salesforce CRM with integrated Customer 360
  • Full auto attendant IVR with Advanced PBX features
  • Bulk email and SMS marketing campaigns with automated workflows
  • Full quick books accountant system integrated with all other systems
  • Website and Social Media Integration for Lead Generation

$300 USD
per month

  • Manage your social media advertisement Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (10 professional posts per month)
  • Email and/or SMS Marketing Campaign with Professional Templates and Lead Nurturing
  • Add additional Automated Work flows customized to your business (1 per month)
  • Manage your Accounting System, Inserting quotes, creating invoices and manage your general ledger (30 entry per month)
  • Manage your leads in CRM and all Integrated channels
  • Add needed functionality in all systems as required (up to 5 per month)
  • Add additional IVR self-service functionalities (up to 2 per month)
  • We will Manage your Google Analytics and Statistics

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