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Recent Microsoft Dynamics Success Story

AcceInfo has Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a leading investment company in Dubai. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Implementation has gone successfully with our customer for all departments such as sales, marketing, call center, customer experience, operations, finance, and branches...


Social CRM

You keep hearing about this social customer relationship management (CRM) thing, right? It’s definitely been a hot topic. Here are some important points to consider when thinking about Social CRM: • Social CRM differs between companies. The key is being able...


Mobile Application for National bonds

Sukuk Express Locater Acceinfo developed the complete National Bonds Sukuk mobile application locater to help National bonds customers and direct them to more than 1000 convenient locations across the country the application developed on both IOS and android went successfully live...


AccePlaner Mobile Application from Acceinfo

The AccePlaner mobile application from Acceinfo helps banks and financial institutions to work closely with their customers goals and plans in a easy to use phone application. - Design personalized saving plans - Create more than one plan according to your...


Accecentric Virtual Branch on Facebook

Banks and Financial institutions often want to expand with more branches but opening a branch in a high population location is very costly. Accecentric Virtual Branch by Acceinfo on Facebook, provides cost effective branch solutions where 12 billion people...


CRM and Loyalty Solutions

In today’s world, a good product or a good idea is no longer enough. Customer orientation and customer loyalty have become a matter of survival. “Gaining new customers, intensifying existing relationships” is the motto we live by. Acceinfo’s customized CRM...


Cross Selling and Up Selling with CRM

Cross Selling (selling the customer additional, related, products) and Up Selling (selling the customer a more expensive version of the product) are keys to profitability for the seller and are (or should be) an advantage to the customer. Fundamentally Cross Selling...


Acceinfo and Salesforce partnership

We are pleased to announce that Acceinfo has signed a partnership agreement with Salesforce. Acceinfo with more than twenty years’ experience in banking and financial institution specialized in CRM for banking with a complete banking CRM vertical for retail and...


Saleslogix upgrade to 7.5.4 for one of the top record management provider in Canada.

  • Full ERP integration-2.
  • Products configuration management catalogue.
  • Lead...


AcceCentric CRM Solution for Banking Videos

Also Check out the AcceCentric CRM Vertical we built on Salesforce:


AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch by AcceInfo

AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch by AcceInfo! Companies often want to open a branch but opening a branch in a high population area is very costly! AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch by AcceInfo was designed to simulate a real bank branch, supermarket...


Sell at Every Opportunity!

With event base selling we convert the CRM into a selling machine. You can offer your customer what they need in an instant. Below are a few examples a customer who is eligible for limit increase on their Credit...


Full CRM insurance

Our insurance Solution take you in the full journey from Lead to Underwriting to policies and claims 360 customer view Call center automation Complaints and service requests Lead generation & conversion Retention and loyalty Underwriting Plan Master , Category Master ,Insurance companies /...


Virtual Branch

Virtual Branch provides Banks and Financial institutions access to billions of customers around the world without having to setup an actual branch. Virtual Branch works exactly like any other Bank branch such as generating leads and providing personalized offers to...


Full ERP for 28$ and HR for 4$

Financial Management Acceinfo Financial Management is built on the best practice and advance accounting concepts in UAE and the region such as Multi Company and Multi Segment and Multi Cost Center. It is equipped with comprehensive reports that help...


Loan Origination system

Increasing globalization with the rising needs of retail banking services and products necessitating financial institutions always finely “tuned-in” to current market conditions to remain both customer-centric and profitable. Financial Institutions must be able to continually deliver innovative products and services...


Islamic Finance System

Globalization has ushered in a new era for banking institutions to raise the bar from ‘Customer Satisfaction’ to ‘Customer Delight’, tailor their services and products to customer need and demands, increase customer base and stay customer centric, keep growing and...


360 Degree View of Customer

360 degree customer view provides a consolidated view of all customer products, channel interactions, service requests, offers and applications. The single view provides a set of visual icons to represent various flags of related to the customer such as if...

crm for banking


is a CRM solution for banks and financial institutions built on       Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Salesforce with the following features:

360 View of customer : Accounts and cards,policies, Alerts, Current offers and opportunities, Interaction history

Campaign management : Targeted lists based offers, Lead distribution to branches, Follow up of campaign execution

Sales management : Product wise pipeline, Lead capture at the branch and call center, Performance scorecard, Online selling

Complaints and service requests : Complaint capture, Auto assignment to back office queues, SLAs and escalations

Contact center : IVR / CTI Integration, 360 pop-up


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